June 18, 2024

UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund to fund Internet connectivity in schools around the world

UNICEF plans to use cryptocurrencies donated by the Ethereum Foundation and other organizations tofinancing Internet connectivity for public schools around the world.

Earlier this month international emergencyThe United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) launched a cryptocurrency fund to receive, store and distribute donations in BTC and ETH. The Ethereum Foundation was the first to donate 1 BTC and 100 ETH for a total of about $ 25,000.

According to the head of blockchainUNICEF Christina Lomazzo and UNICEF Ventures Chris Fabian, funds will be used to provide and improve Internet access in public schools around the world as part of the ongoing Project Connect initiative.

“Paying for connection, monitoring progress andthe ability to record all operations in the registry gives a full cycle of accountability. I don’t know of other similar systems that can show the power of a truly distributed financial system, ”said Fabian.

Government of Sierra Leone, Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan and Kenya have already shown interest in Project Connect and its blockchain-based payment system, which allows funding for Internet connections in schools. According to Fabian, digital payments are the way of the future for UNICEF and the UN.

“The last two years we spent on creatingcryptocurrency fund. We share its potential with other UN entities so that they do not engage in the same legal and financial work that we have already done, ”Fabian said.

Stressing the need to adapt organizations,dealing with issues of social impact, to modern technologies, Fabian added: “It is necessary to build up a base that will allow us to be ready for the future.”