June 16, 2024

UN recommends not attending cryptoconferences in North Korea

UN recommends against attending crypto conferences in North Korea

UN experts issued a report warning crypto enthusiasts that visiting cryptocurrenciesconferences in North Korea may be considered a violation of the law.

Reportedly, UN experts consider participating in the cryptoconference, which will be held from February 22 to 29, as a possible threat to national security and a violation of sanctions laws.

North Korea holds first crypto conferencein April 2019. According to local publications, more than 80 organizations took part in it. The UN believes that some of the presentations contained “guidelines for using cryptocurrency to evade sanctions and money laundering.”

In 2019, UN experts accused North Korean hackers of stealing more than $2 billion through cyberattacks, which mainly targeted banks and crypto platforms.

Last week, US authorities formally charged Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith, who recently took part in Korea's first cryptocurrency conference.

North Korea's second conference is held from 22by the 29 State Department in Pyongyang. On its official website it is indicated that anyone can participate, except for citizens of Japan, South Korea and Israel. In addition, the site says:

For foreign guests we will provide a paper visawithout a stamp in your passport, thus leaving no evidence of your visit. Information about your participation in the conference will not be disclosed without your consent.

UN experts strongly discourage citizens of participating countries from accepting invitations to events in North Korea.