May 18, 2024

Ukrainian accuses Binance of embezzlement

Ukrainian accuses Binance of embezzlement

A Binance user accuses the exchange of stealing funds from his account. Representatives of the crypto platform releasedresponse statement.

Recently one of the Binance users stated thatthe exchanger blocked his assets worth about $850,000. In its response, the exchange indicated that the funds were frozen at the request of South Korean law enforcement agencies. 

The user claims that the law enforcement authorities did not make him any complaints. He said:

I have every reason to believe that the Binance management has misappropriated funds. Communication with them continues from November 21, 2018. It's already been 18 months.

Account holder filed a complaint with Ukrainianthe police. In addition, he said, he contacted other clients of the exchange, whose funds were also illegally frozen. Together they are preparing a class action lawsuit.

Binance representatives said they actedstrictly within the law. According to them, the exchange user is suspected of fraud. Korean law enforcement authorities during the investigation found that the fraudster withdrew funds to the user's account and demanded a refund. The exchange statement states:

We carried out all the necessary internal audit measures, after which we completed the request of law enforcement officers and returned the funds.

The exchange posted screenshots of email correspondence with South Korean police officers. 

Ukrainian accuses Binance of embezzlement

However, the user denies any fraud. He also provided untranslated and unconfirmed screenshots in which Korean law enforcement officers deny the existence of claims in his direction.

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