December 11, 2023

Ukraine and Kazakhstan can break into leaders in bitcoin mining

Ukraine <span id =</span>and Kazakhstan can become leaders in Bitcoin mining&#8221; /></p>

In the list of countries with the highest hashrate sharebitcoin very soon may be Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Taras Kulik, vice president of business development at Core Scientific, expressed this forecast in an interview with CoinTelegraph.

The future of mining belongs to Kazakhstan and Ukraine

“Competition between countries is increasing in the world,who want to officially support the mining of cryptocurrency. The hashrate is now split between companies operating in China, which has most of the capacity, but due to government pressure on the industry, businesses will have to look for freer markets. Ukraine and Kazakhstan are ideal for this, especially against the background of the authorities' plans to support the industry. ", - noted Kulik.

Leading positions in mining prospectsbitcoin is also located in Canada and Iran. In the case of the latter, cheap electricity plays an important role. In China, discounts can only be counted on during the rainy season, which occurs in early spring and mid-summer. In Iran, the cost of electricity is minimal for almost the entire year.

Mining Companies Can Startleave China due to government repression. If the People's Bank of China decides to increase the pressure, then the change of leaders for new ones will begin in the near future.

Ukraine and Kazakhstan can break into leaders in bitcoin mining


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