February 1, 2023

UK exit from the EU will lead to an increase in bitcoin to $ 1 million

UK exit from the EU will lead to an increase in bitcoin to $ 1 million

Over the years, along with political and financial events, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has changed, so experts Brexit, discussed all over the world, is no exception. According to an article in the International Business Times, Brexit could lead to an increase in bitcoin to $ 1 million per BTC.

CEO Josh Riddett Easy CryptoHunter notes that the volatility of bitcoin does not undergo major changes. He also predicts that over the next decade, cryptocurrency will be used to pay for virtually any service and goods. In addition, another major event will occur in the crypto industry - the price of bitcoin will rise to $ 1 million.

Bitcoin is already quiet for many investorsa haven for investment in the event of a crisis. According to Riddet, closer to Brexit, transferred until January 31 of this year, more and more people will pay attention to cryptocurrency, which will increase its value.

Unlike bitcoin maximalists, including JohnMcAfee, Riddett believes that price will not skyrocket overnight. Progress will be gradual, it will take about 20 years, but Brexit can be a good starting point.

According to experts, in the UKcryptocurrency will be more actively used to buy products and, possibly, to pay. In addition, in the coming years, not counting bitcoin, ten major cryptocurrencies will be used.

“20 years ago, the transition to payment throughcryptocurrency, although then it was common to pay by check and cash, even contactless payment was then new. In the next 10 years, we will see a similar transition from fiat payment to payment in cryptocurrency. ”

If these forecasts are realized, then in the financialindustry will usher in a new era. Volatility will decrease, so buying coffee and other daily payments for cryptocurrencies will no longer be a problem.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was priced at $9,240, having lost 1.60% of its value in the last 24 hours. Well, in the next 20 years, bitcoin has enough time to reach dizzying price heights.