March 29, 2023

UAE authorities launched a blockchain platform for storing medical data

The UAE Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Dubai Healthcare City and other authorities launched a blockchain platform for storing medical data.

According to The Emirates News Agency, the platformaims to increase the efficiency of services of the Ministry of Health of the UAE and other health services. It will simplify the search for medical facilities and licensed personnel, as well as provide information on drug supply chains.

According to Dr. Lubna Al Shaali (Lubna AlShaali), director of the Department of Public Health Policy, the platform will help ensure a highly secure, immutable, decentralized and encrypted database.

According to the plans of the Ministry for implementationartificial intelligence (AI) in health services, the platform will also contain AI functions. Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary of Health, said:

“AI-based projects will play a key roleto empower healthcare services and provide smart medical solutions in accordance with UAE Centennial 2071 and artificial intelligence strategy. ”

Note that blockchain is increasingly used forstorage of medical data. In December, the American company Anthem, specializing in life and health insurance, announced that it plans to transfer 40 million of its customers to blockchain storing medical data.

In addition, in October, Samsung SDS talked aboutplans to launch a blockchain system for processing medical insurance claims, and last July two South Korean companies announced that they would store medical data on the Longenesis blockchain platform.