February 21, 2024

U.S. Army seeks blockchain experts

U.S. Army seeks blockchain experts

The U.S. Armed Forces Command (ACC) in New Jersey is looking for blockchain service providers forconducting investigations in the cryptocurrency industry.

July 25, ACC announced the search for an analytical solution that will be used by the command in criminal investigations related to the illegal use of cryptocurrencies.

The report states that the contractor must provide a cloud-based solution that does not depend onhardware or software that will assist law enforcement agencies in tracking cases of illegal use of cryptocurrenciesand the capture of criminals. 

Experts will determine the source of fraudulenttransactions, as well as provide cryptocurrency analysis. Also, the contractor should be able to track illegal transactions, determine their trends and features, and track the interaction of suspicious addresses.

According to the analytic company Diar, in 2018US authorities tripled cryptocurrency transaction investigation costs in the year. In most cases, the contractor in government blockchain investigations was Chainalysis, which at that time had signed agreements with government agencies totaling $ 5.3 million.

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