Jul 3, 2022

Twitter director attends CoinList crypto investment platform ICO

Twitter director attends CoinList crypto investment platform ICO

Twitter Director Jack Dorsey took part in the last round of ICO CoinList investment platform, as a result of which the company managed to attract financing in the amount of $ 10 million.

In addition to Dorsey, a fund was invested in the enterpriseventure capital Polychain Capital and several other organizations. At the previous stage, ICO CoinList received over $ 9 million and attracted the attention of large investors. Representatives of the company said that the money received would be spent on launching the CoinList Trade cryptocurrency exchange, creating a cryptocurrency wallet and other additional products.

Dorsey is Chief Executive OfficerTwitter director and Square payment service provider, who opened Square Crypto's cryptocurrency department this year. The department is engaged in enhancing the functionality of Bitcoin (BTC) in order to integrate a digital asset into people's daily lives. Jack commented on his decision to invest in CoinList:

The crypto industry needs a reliable platform forlaunching new projects. CoinList occupies a leading position in this business field, so the opening of a trading platform is a logical step towards the development of the enterprise.

Since the creation of CoinList in 2017 onthe platform sold tokens of various blockchain startups totaling more than $ 800 million. Institutional experts evaluate each project for its compliance with the requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and carry out a list of trustworthy cryptocurrencies. For example, an ICO of Blockstack tokens was organized on the site, which was the first coin offer held in accordance with Regulation A of the American Law on Securities (regulates the public sale of securities in the amount of not more than $ 50 million per year).