November 29, 2022

Twin brothers Bogdanov died from COVID-19

Twin brothers Bogdanov died from COVID-19

Famous French TV presenters, twins Grishka and Igor Bogdanov, have died at the age of 72.

Starry the journey of Grishka and Igor Bogdanov is overin a Paris hospital where they were admitted on the same day after contracting COVID-19. Grishka, the younger twin, died in intensive care on December 28. Igor followed him on January 3rd. Both were 72 years old.

The Bogdanov twins with cheekbones, “sotall and bulging, which seem to threaten the eyesight of their owners, ”as an Australian newspaper described them ten years ago, attracted attention wherever they went.

In addition to their unusual appearance, the Bogdanovs werethe protagonists of conspiracy theories, in which they themselves were presented as influential people in France and in the world, and played the role of shadow international government. In addition, the collapse of the bitcoin rate in 2018 was also the work of the Bogdanovs.

According to Grishka, he and his brother knew Satoshi Nakamoto and participated in the creation of the Bitcoin source code.

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