December 5, 2023

Turkish army will adopt quadrocopters with a machine gun until the end of the year

Turkish army will adopt quadrocopters with a machine gun until the end of the year

Turkey will be the first country to use remotely controlled drones with a machine gun in military operations.

Until the end of the year, Anisara company Asisguardwill supply the military with the first batch of 25 kg Songar quadrocopters. In addition to eight blades, they are equipped with a machine gun with 200 rounds, which can fire single shots or bursts of 15 rounds.

The manufacturer claims that the drone hits a 15-centimeter target from a distance of 200 meters, but after improving the guidance system, the accuracy will allowhit the target from 400 meters.

The drone has difficulty shooting,associated with determining the range, the angle of inclination of the weapon, as well as the recoil from each shot, which moves it and affects the guidance during subsequent shots. To solve these problems, the developers equipped Songar with two auxiliary systems.

The first uses cameras and a laser rangefinder todetermining the distance, angle, wind speed and route of further movement. The second system corrects machine gun fire to compensate for the recoil effect.

The quadcopter can fly and shoot on its own, but the target is selected by the person controlling it using the remote control.

Songar's radius is 10 km andThanks to night vision devices, it can work in the dark. At the same time, a swarm of three drones can be simultaneously controlled from one remote control, which allows targeted fire from different directions.

The Turkish military plans to use drones to suppress enemy fire, support attacks, destroy infrastructure and vehicles on the border with Syria.

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