February 5, 2023

Tucker Carlson: "Bitcoin could rise due to the payment of a ransom by the US authorities to hackers"

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Tucker Carlson: "Bitcoin could rise due to the payment of a ransom by the US authorities to hackers"

According to the Fox News TV presenterTucker Carlson, the recent rise in BTC is due to the payment of a ransom by the US authorities to hackers who hacked into the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) system.

During the Tucker Carlson Tonight telecast,Tucker Carlson has put forward the version that the price of bitcoin could rise due to a hacker attack on the FAA system, which caused massive flight delays in the United States and Canada.

Wednesday, January 11, Federal OfficeUS Civil Aviation confirmed a failure in the system. In the first two days after the failure, more than 1,300 flights were canceled and about 10,000 flights had to be delayed. The FAA later reported a file corruption in the Notice to Flight Crew (NOTAM) database, and stated that the flight delays were not caused by a cyberattack. The problem has been fixed and most flights have returned to normal operation.

However, Carlson believes that everything is not so simple, andthe hacker attack still took place. The US government could buy a large amount of bitcoins to pay ransoms to attackers, the TV presenter suggested, without providing evidence for his hypothesis.

“Almost all ransoms to hackers are paid inbitcoins. And if the US government bought bitcoins in huge quantities for their subsequent transfer to hackers, of course, the price of bitcoin could rise greatly. The question is, did it happen? Well, yes, it happened. Since the crash, the BTC price has jumped by about 20%. Is this a coincidence?” asked Carlson.

TV presenter subscribers considered his theoryplausible, but the crypto community took it critically. Many cryptocurrency executives doubted that the US authorities would make multi-billion dollar purchases of bitcoin on the open market to pass ransoms to hackers. For example, Blockstream CEO Adam Back chuckled at Carlson's words, believing that this was exactly a coincidence.

Other Twitter users suggested thatlaw enforcement officers in the United States could pay off the attackers with confiscated bitcoins, or would buy them on over-the-counter (OTC) sites. And given the transparency and traceability of bitcoin, most likely, the ransom would be made in the Monero cryptocurrency.

Recall that in 2021, the US government created a working group to combat ransomware viruses and hackers demanding a ransom in cryptocurrencies for unlocking data.