November 30, 2020

TSLab company blog | How not worth trading !!

On Monday, the channel was voiced on the air, and it was rather narrow, but for a long time traded, accumulating large volumes. Accordingly, each time approaching the channel border, there is a greater chance of breaking it.

Realizing this, I reduced my trading volume tolong, placed the order a little further from the channel, expecting its "false" breakout. At the same time, I did not change the lots for shorts, assuming after a good growth, there should be a small, but still a pullback. But the price approached the short each time less. Therefore, it was decided that since we are not growing up now, then there may be a sharp jump and sent the short order in full lot to the far channel range at a price of ~ 414.

Having engaged in other matters and did not look at the market - since I had arranged everything - why monitor ...
TSLab company blog | How not worth trading !!

So. Mistake number of times - the stops were not screwed in and the price, having failed, took the position at a loss. Sooooo good loss. Such a deal should be closed immediately, because if you think that the price will grow anyway, then buy it cheaper - no problem. No need to feed the moose. But I saw the situation too late, the market was already moving in a growing sideways direction, therefore, it did not change anything. Further, despite the fact that the cue ball is growing, I thought, well, figs with it, either it will reach the take, or just the stop at 395 will look good.

And, again, after telling what to averageit would be good because in general everything is growing and blah blah - no. This will not happen. In fact, I did not average and I will not tell, according to the already happened market, it would be good to do something there if there was a time machine!

With the understanding that a stop is needed, I screwed it on. Today I managed to catch a long again in exactly the same situation.
TSLab company blog | How not worth trading !!

In the market, in my opinion, the situation has not changed. I still expect the market to rise a little more at first. That is, now I am not trading a directional movement, but a sideways trend, albeit rather sweeping. The price dropped sharply and slowed down a bit. Further, the price will easily reach the level of the previous trades 395, where they sidetracked a lot. To be honest, I initially expected that there would be the first rapid decline with a long tail to the level of 398, where the order was, and the price would quickly rebound, and the second time I would have placed an order at 395, expecting the price there, but the market decided to go differently), ok, we don’t argue with it, the stop is already in the example just below this price.

At the moment while writing an article, justI got a stop loss!) I would like to add that the size of the stops can be greater than the potential profit - only because such trades with a small volume and the risk is not large.
But the level is very saturated with volume. therefore, I am waiting for the next wave of rebound - and then we will look for new entry points.
Download script with stop
P.S. A small update - the upcoming webinar with binance will be at 18.00 on Thursday, not 19 as previously thought.
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P.P. with update on deals
TSLab company blog | How not worth trading !!