November 30, 2020

Trustee Wallet. Big release of updates on December 15th. Part 1

Trustee Wallet. Big release of updates on December 15th. Part 1

December 15, 2020 the most popular crypto wallet in the CIS Trustee Wallet will release a Big release to the world... Upgrade UI / UX, optimization of work and significant expansion of functionality are planned

Each week, the Trustee Wallet team willopen the curtain on upcoming news on your blog and YouTube channel. Carefully follow the releases on the YouTube channel, they have prepared a competition for you with a prize fund of $ 1000 in bitcoin!

Spoiler alert: Many of the planned "features" are unparalleled, so get ready to be amazed!

In the first part of the announcement, we will talk about UI / UX improvements, new functionality, increased security and anonymity, as well as other new products.

On development stage

Daily communication with users allowed uscreate the layout of the perfect crypto wallet. It has become convenient both for cryptocurrency professionals and for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this fascinating world. The new design combines the rigor of the color palette, minimalism and ease of use. Dark gray tones emphasize seriousness and reliability - the qualities with which we approach application development.

We are improving the interface so that our usersenjoy using the application so that they - manage their assets without being distracted by all the side difficulties in working with the crypt. We try not to scare the user with endless settings and at the same time give the opportunity to experience the full power and value of using blockchain technologies.

UI / UX Designer Trustee Wallet

Trustee Wallet is a financial application wherethe security and anonymity of user information is in the first place and we made the perception of the wallet as easy as possible, despite all kinds of difficulties in the UX. By using Trustee, you can always remain prudent and practical, while reducing human errors to zero.

Functionality overview

Onboarding Trustee. The user gets acquainted with the key information about the wallet from the moment the application is first opened:

  • Trustee will tell you about its functionality and benefits at the very beginning;
  • The updated "News" section (the icon on the main screen) will tell you about all changes in your balance, transactions, our updates, as well as news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

Innovative security technologies. Creating a new wallet brings a certain difficulty for new users, and we made sure that this process is as easy and safe as possible:

  • Trustee will protect your mnemonic phrase from prying eyes, it is available only to you!
  • You yourself have the right to choose which type of mnemonic phrase you use - 12 or 24 words;
  • Trustee support service is ready to help you even at the moment of creating a wallet;
  • Even more anonymity - you can hide your wallet balance in a public place with one click.

Personal interface. When working with finances, a Trustee user should feel like a fish in water. Everything should be in place, work quickly and clearly:

  • Now you yourself can arrange coins on the main screen in a convenient order, just drag the coin block while holding it down;
  • Using swipes, you can send and receive a coin, as well as hide it if it is not needed on the main screen;
  • You can activate the dark theme for the entire application.

Optimization... Application weight, processing speed,energy efficiency is a key factor influencing user interest in a mobile app. In the new version, we have optimized and automated all possible processes, even despite the expansion of functionality. The application has become faster and more informative, you will always be aware of the latest events in the world of cryptocurrencies, and the updated application structure will allow you to use your time as productively as possible.

In the next announcements

In the next announcements, we will tell you about:

  • Built-in monitoring of exchange offices;
  • Unique Trustee Booster Kit technology;
  • Expanding the functionality of bitcoin in the application.

Follow our announcements and news, we will be glad to see questions and discussions in our Telegram chat!