January 22, 2021

Trump plans to pardon Ross Ulbricht

Trump plans to pardon Ross Ulbricht

US President Donald Trump is considering pardoning the founder of the now defunct the darknet marketplace SilkRoad.

According to The Daily Beast, White House advisers are considering documents related to the Ulbricht case. Trump has already reviewed the case and requests from the programmer's supporters and relatives.

Trump "expressed his sympathy for Ulbricht on several occasions," according to people who participated in the discussions.

Thus, Trump is considering issuing a presidential pardon for Ulbricht and some other prisoners before Joe Biden's inauguration.

From 2011 to 2013 Ulbricht managedduck-market Silk Road under the pseudonym DPR - Dire Pirate Roberts. The site that sold drugs and weapons was shut down by the FBI in 2013 and Ulbricht was arrested.

It remains to be seen what decision the Trump administration will make in this case. Nevertheless, according to The Daily Beast, Ulbricht received support from some influential people from Trump's inner circle.

Recall that a film will soon be released in America, which tells about the founder of the Silk Road trading platform and the events that led to his arrest.

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