October 21, 2020

Trump plans to pardon Edward Snowden

Trump plans to pardon Edward Snowden

If Trump decides to grant presidential pardon, Snowden couldreturn to the United States.

Trump is considering pardoning a former CIA agent who left the United States in 2013 and now lives in Russia, according to Reuters. Trump said:

A lot of people think Snowden was treated unfairly.

On his Twitter account, Snowden wrote:

Last time in 2016 the White Houseconsidered a pardon, the same attorney general who accused me admitted that my work to expose illegal actions can be regarded as "work for the public good."

According to the second section of the US Constitution,the incumbent president has the power to grant pardons to people who have been convicted of “crimes against the United States.” Should the president exercise his right, Snowden will become the 26th person Trump has pardoned since taking office in January 2017.

While in exile in Russia, Snowden often expressed the opinion that bitcoin would become the money of the future. In addition, he said that he “wanted to buy bitcoin” in March this year when the price fell below $ 6,000.

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