March 25, 2023

Tron Foundation Unlocks 33 Billion TRX

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According to the official Tron Foundation twitter, on January 1, 2020, another 33 billion TRX will be released on the TRON blockchain.

Although the development team did not report a motive fortoken release, members of the Tron community have already come up with a few ideas, including investing, blocking, or burning tokens. Crypto enthusiasts also suggest that the funds could go towards the development of the Poloniex exchange recently acquired by Justin Sun.

Some users were excited about the news about unlocking tokens. Twitter user Mike McCarthy suggested either blocking them back or burning them.

For one thing, I think we shouldblock them back, on the other hand, I think we need to burn them. In any case, I strongly recommend that the Tron Foundation make a statement regarding short- and medium-term plans. These statements will help maintain confidence, transparency (and my nerves).

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