March 25, 2023

Trend: The crypto business is increasingly coming to the world of classical financial services. Deribit spoke about a new trend

The research division of the cryptocurrency exchange Deribit presented a study that focuses on how cryptocurrency business starts more and moreBecome a provider of those financial services that are usually in the field of classical finance. According to analysts, any company in the cryptosphere will soon have a “gentleman's set” of services, which will include themselves:

  • cryptocurrency deposit accounts
  • a set of options for financial transactions,
  • as well as tax payment services with cryptocurrencies with automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies into ordinary cash and transferring them to the state budgets.
  • Deribit notes that cryptocurrency companieswhich currently offer interest income on deposits on Bitcoin, compares favorably with American and European banks, which offer rates on deposits in US dollars and euros, either close to zero, or, as is already happening in Germany, below zero, i.e. negative. There is no reason to increase the profitability of deposits in the US and the EU, as the US Federal Reserve and the ECB are oriented to continue pursuing a policy of lowering interest rates.

    All this leads people to cryptocurrencies, inStablecoins in particular, as investor Michael Arrington pays attention to. He notes that stablecoins that are pegged to the US dollar have de facto become “digital dollars” while the same ex-CFTC head Christopher Giancarlo is trying to convince his former colleagues in the US power vertical that the state’s “ digital dollar. ”Washington was due to launch yesterday.

    Deribit believes the global financial worldwill undergo drastic changes in the next two years: so far, small start-ups in the cryptocurrency sector, which will become cryptocurrency credit organizations with multi-billion capitalization, will play a key role in world finance, and cryptocurrency unicorns will become one of the main objects of investors' admiration.

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