November 30, 2020

Treader almost fell into a trap on the fake site CoinDesk

Cryptocurrency fraud is a widespread thing, only in 2019 it brought investors a loss of $ 4 billion. Leon Fu from TaiFu Indexes I hardly lost a significant amount due to fraudulent activities with three separate sites. Fortunately, he saved some extra safety measures.

On November 19, Fu posted a tweet in which he described how he had entered the fake website CoinDesk, without noticing the change of the letter "e" in the name of the domain.

This rogue URL is almost identical to the real URL used by CoinDesk.

The separate website contains an application coBy clicking on the link, by clicking on which the user sent to the imitation of the Cardano Foundation website, although the word "fund" was spelled out with an error and the domain ".io" was replaced by ".io".

At this site, users were offered AdaLite stacking.

"The only thing that saves me from losing all my ADA is that when I do the first transfer, I always do the test transfer."

Fortunately, Fu's error has been limited toa few hundred dollars. Despite the fact that he did not notice the scam houses and seals, the adopted safety measures protected him from serious loss.

Fraud in the cryptocurrency sphere onlyIt is common that in 2018 the SEC launched an in-house fake ICO, going to the page of which people were sent to find a site with advice on how to avoid it.

Thanks to the information provided by the investorYou must be aware of the particular relevance when going through the links that presuppose the input of financial data and the completion of transactions. In addition, checking the URL-addresses will help prevent waste.

The use of an accessory wallet is alsoA good measure for working with larger amounts. Finally, as Fu suggests, it is useful to do test transactions before transferring the whole amount - this is another good way to avoid fraud.