March 28, 2023

Trading signals! | The whole truth about signals (A to Z)

With the last push of the crypt, a lot of bots for earning appeared, mega-indicators, gurutraders and other evil spirits.
But let's put it all on the shelves.
Api bots are scam, grandmothers spy on your own stupidity.
Mega-indicators can contain stillers that will steal your logs.
Gurutradery if take DU - a priori merge andif you are weak-assed and do not have long arms. If they give trading information (signals), then 90% of what you got on the PR open frankness-money exhaustion.
So what to do, you ask, because someone makes money in the market?
That's right, it's real to earn, but to yourself -fearfully. We begin the search for megatons of information, snooping on telegram chats, forums, etc. hoping for an insider (yeah). For fun, read the forums where they discuss the price of a cue ball for example for the 18th or 19th year. You will smile wildly. No one can know tomorrow's 100% rate, especially since people are far from trade (95% of the biomass of chats, publics and forums).

I am not a trader, not a genius, I do not have a depot in 2749cue ball, I am an ordinary person who can distinguish scam from useful information. It is not difficult - if you have practice in this matter and you ate a hippopotamus on it. Let me tell you a little bit.
I, like many in 17, didn’t enter the marketthe best time for me and stayed with a nose. To take profits then was not about me. And then I found out that there are insiders, labor grafts, etc., having bought which you gain +100 to scalping and +999 to a successful hold. Without thinking twice, on the recommendation of the same hamster as I bought this private. Who else remembers, then they were awesomely expensive (there is a demand, blasphemy). As a result, my pennies were literally -100x, and there was also an exchange where these shitcoins were traded. Since then, I got very angry at all of these scammers, shook my grandmothers from this gurutrader in all sophisticated ways. And I decided to get down to business ..

After a while, I am with my friendorganized a service for draining signals. The idea was this - so that a person does not pay crazy money for the privates, but rather purchases them from us roughly speaking. The only difference from folding is that we have already bought everything. We didn’t take channels where we openly fooled (like the one that I got stupidly), propagandized pampas (scam), and other fickles. This made it possible for people to painlessly evaluate information and begin to apply it. It was also in our interests to keep good channels that give usable information, though not always true, but no one died from the stop loss. Over time, some channels began to get stuck, resold - we replaced those with more popular and interesting ones. At first there were 8 channels, of which only half showed themselves well. 2 years have passed and the number of channels has grown to 30+. No, I again can’t say that they are all perfect, but certainly not scam, and many of them are excellent traders.
For example, I conducted a telegram survey among my clients who they consider to be the best of the proposed:
I specifically do not throw a screen (because I stopped long agobelieve in screenshots) to view the link above - you need to subscribe to our channel (you can then unsubscribe, it doesn’t matter to me):
It’s possible to earn money on our top channels,it is a fact. But I will not give you numbers, in percent, in millions of dollars, this is all superfluous. To play on greed - in order to get your pennies in return, and then so that you go to zero - I have no such interest. Our interest is that our subscribers earn, remain our regular customers, and recommend to their cryptocurrencies. Yes, we are commerce, we have our own interest in this. But it’s much cooler to work if the conscience is clear and people are happy.

In general, we - only for the truth. Having studied our channel, you yourself will understand this. There are no calls on the channel to buy something, etc., but they need the info. Good luck in the trade!