March 23, 2023

Trading signals! | BTC Long Term

A couple of days ago, when some cryptocurrency coins made 20-25% each, I was a little chased for a depressive post and comments from other authors. Why ... Just such a powerful impulse has just passed, and this sucker is already closing ...

I am grateful to everyone who participated in the discussion for interesting arguments. Yes, I see beautiful support myself, yes, I got in there myself and haven’t gotten out yet.
However, I want to add another important point. These are volumes. There are always volumes at key pivot points. In this case, they are not, and that’s it. Yes, we jump on enthusiasm somewhere for 9K. We can even go to 12K, which I don’t believe at all. We ALREADY hijacked the downward channel. But the holiday is coming to an end. There will be no 50-100K per cue ball yet.

We are in a typical downtrend. Much more typical than the one that was observed before November 18th. There you could see a triangle, a pennant. Now there is nothing like that. Now there is a classic trend that will end no sooner than volumes appear. And they will not appear earlier than we update the minimum of December 18th.

Trading signals! | BTC Long Term