June 11, 2023

Trading signals! | BTC levels, on the way to Halving! Part 3

Trading signals! | BTC levels, on the way to Halving! Part 3

Hello everyone friends!

We continue our series “on the way to Halving”. Previous series have brought us:

- BTC levels, on the way to Halving! Part 1: profit +2300 p.
- BTC levels, on the way to Halving! Part 2: profit -600 p., Namely, everything happened instantly, like everyone else last Thursday, all purchases were closed by SL. Fortunately, it has already been learned through bitter experience even before Black Thursday 2020 and therefore I always install them when trading in the medium term, which is why I advise you.

For intraday trading, SL is setalready in the course of the price movement. Since the volume of transactions is small, then the risk itself is not great, and the error of error and its recognition increases to 300-400 points. But this is my personal opinion, my opinion, my way, I do not know what else to call it) What do you think? how to arrange your feet, write do not be shy, share) But you and I have not communicated for a long time, I already forgot what you are, reader. Come on, write me, I'm waiting)))

Of course I had to linger with the idea soas against the background of general panic and uncertainty, the levels would not work, and I also think that the less I share here, the more levels work out. Already know, doubts have gone, I'm already looking with suspicion. Some kind of conspiracy theory is straightforward, sitting means a bunch of Illuminati and Masons, reading my ideas))))))) and not letting people inform you, you know))))). For example, I threw the info to the guys in the cart, and the levels work, and in the second part about Halving, published on TV, they all closed in the footsteps. Can it really not apply to too large an audience ?! And how so, but "seem" your ratings, but what about likes, and communication with you? But what about your criticism, because thanks to you, your notes, your clear opinion, the levels are getting better and better. So write, everything is welcome)

Now to the numbers!

Bulls can count on
- Purchase 1: 3850 ± 20 $
- Purchase 2: 3500 ± 20 $
- Purchase 3: 3120 ± 20 $

Bears can count on
- Sale 1: 6390 ± 20 $
- Sale 2: 6850 ± 20 $
- Sale 3: 7510 ± 20 $

Some people, of course, will start screaming again,as in the previous idea that you should not engage in trading, they will advise us to go to the casino))), and the most brave ones will also start to teach Russian in the comments in order to attract attention to themselves. I don’t judge, someone plays cleanly, and someone plays dirty, everyone chooses his own way :)) Therefore, if you even want to just chat in the comments on any topics, then please))) But the previous review is “Bitcoin (BTC), entry points ”Brought us $ 2100, details in our telegram channel. A good result, for those who do not understand anything in trading) right ?!

Trading signals! | BTC levels, on the way to Halving! Part 3

Thank you all for your attention! I expect from you, as always, a million thousand likes. Leave comments or write in PM if you disagree with something, or maybe agree))

All successful bidding and positive mood!

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