December 2, 2022

Trading signals! | BTC, entry points

Trading signals! | BTC, entry points

Hello everyone, my friends and girlfriends!

We continue our trade wars with you and offer to look at the market positively, despite the difficultthe situation in the world, since most of us are just speculators, and not holders of bitcoin, then we do not care if it rises or falls, we will try to make money in every situation.

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So let's start, take out a pen, notebook and write it down. Now there will be a sacred market analysis:

Although entering the market in this situationit’s dangerous, because we are being pursued by complete uncertainty (on the one hand, halving, on the other, coronavirus), but there is, as always, a big BUT!)))) Don’t forget that you and I are not some kind of trained cats, we are tiger lions, predators)))

And so let's get our thoughts together and takecertain market positions. After all, this uncertainty will always be what today, what tomorrow. What after halving, what up! These difficult times will not disappear and therefore you and my friend should be able to navigate in any situation, be one step ahead of our opponent)))) Be predators and sharks! And we still have time to be a victim, it’s better to take a chance now and grieve when our position is liquidated than to grieve that we didn’t have time - here, here is my friend, our main mistake with you)) well, not only ours, I think of all speculators.

Therefore, to combine these two points(predator and prey) You and I, a merchant and a merchant, are placing pending orders, not trading in the market. We take risks from certain levels, buy where everyone is afraid, sell where everyone starts buying - this is the function of a predator in us.
The function of the victim is when we push the desire to enter the market. afraid to miss the moment.

Of course, such tactics do not always work,but the statistics of profitable transactions show that it is better to miss a chance, and in our case a wagon and an entire trolley are better than taking risks and entering the market now for good luck.

Here we are, combining all the qualitiessuccessful speculator, placed orders, both for purchase and for sale, this does not mean that I will buy here, but I will sell there, thereby fixing the deal, this means that my friend and I place orders for sale or purchase, and where to fix profit, it all depends on the greed of each of us. Well, I can’t tell you, open here, close there) This is your money, you earned it hard, by labor and then, and then some Bitmaister will tell you, you, the tiger lion, the king of trading, you bring me royal likes and don’t forget about them))

So lets go champ, place orders and see who is who, this time:

  • Sale 1: 7590
  • Sale 2: 7960
  • Purchase 1: 5980
  • Purchase 2: 5330
  • Purchase 3: 4140
  • Step 10 points, an error of 20 points.

    If you need a “Bitcoin weather forecast”, I’m expecting a million thousand likes from you and I’ll try to provide it to you tomorrow.

    I love you all, kiss you all!
    All good and profit!

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