December 9, 2022

Trading signals! | A strong signal for EUR / USD is being worked out. There are new signals

I show and tell how I earn by trading on the exchange.

Stock market speculator diary # 17 (the path to 1,000 000 $)

Watching the euro / dollar yesterday went to buy details in the video)

Strong signal in development

Forex market review 26.02.2020 / NYSE stock market overview / CFD shares / what you can earn on today / Trading Chaos2 / Bill Williams Today's tools for the strategy of Bill Williams Trading Chaos 2.

I make out the tools according to the Bill Williams system onwhich today have a signal to buy or sell. And also I analyze the transactions in which I am that closed in the stop or trailing stop with a profit.

Tools on which today at the opening of the market to watch the box (and what I will pay attention to, see the video)))

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