March 23, 2023

Trading signals! | A new wave of bitcoin growth or the beginning of a new era of idiocy

I have been observing financial markets for a very long time and gained a lot of experience trading within the NYSE and Learning from the guys from United Traders.
As for me, these are the coolest traders in our country, because they were able to get to their crypto-exchange and invest platform from scalping, and this requires a lot of money.

So what am I saying all this for? I mean, their day trading patterns work the same on both m5 and the monthly chart.

And now for bitcoin (and therefore for everythingcrypto market) a situation arose when you can buy an already completed rollback and drive up to $ 14-15 thousand for bitcoin, when everyone again goes to take loans to buy it on highs, because people don’t have a brain to understand that the market is moving in waves and they are different timeframes tend to end and then you need to exit, not enter.

Trading signals! | A new wave of bitcoin growth or the beginning of a new era of idiocy

And what am I suggesting now?

You can buy a cue ball itself, but it is thick and more than 50% as for me will not move.

But you can go the Jewish way and buy something fromthinner crypto, which will go instead of 50% by 200-500% for the same period since they have less market capitalization and need less money to shift prices.

If there is no movement in our direction within 2-3 weeks or a big roll-in sharply (relative to the monthly timeframe), then something is logical and it is necessary to exit.

Keep 3-4 months so that the market has time for a price shift.

Why am I writing this on smartlab? Yes, just for the fact that if someone accepts my thoughts and makes some kind of their transactions (according to their own rules of risks and other things), and makes money, then money will come to our country from this person, since he It will spend here, maybe it will pay taxes (not the point) I mean that money will simply come into the economy and this will stimulate it, which will have a good effect on the lives of other people as a whole.

Since if you look at major global investfunds, then all the money from the Russian Federation was withdrawn and are not going to start here because no one needs a currency so weak that it is 60 times weaker than the dollar, and to buy the same government bonds or stocks, you need to do this for rubles that you need to buy on the Moscow stock exchange and no one will take the risk and take this shit, simply because it is an illiquid asset that winds it here and it is not backed up by the economy, that is, by the businesses that it is backed up in America, Europe and China, in addition to banks robbing the poor population, oil pumping and resources As a matter of fact, there are no download companies, there are no technologies, there are no Internet companies, there is nothing, smart money does not need such an asset.

Comparison of business maps of Russia and America
Trading signals! | A new wave of bitcoin growth or the beginning of a new era of idiocy

Below is a list of currencies against the dollar, which clearly shows what is quoted as an exchange asset to it, and what is shit (ruble)
The Japanese Yen has its own theme, I don’tfigured out why it was there (you need to read at your leisure). But the general logic of cheaper currencies against the dollar can be traced here (even though there are reverse exchange pairs here and I put them together with everyone)
Trading signals! | A new wave of bitcoin growth or the beginning of a new era of idiocy

I do not wish anyone luck because it will not help in investments. Make plans for deals, write out ideas and follow the best to take at good prices and you will be happy !!!