March 28, 2023

TradeLog Blog | Ferrum Token Analysis (FRM).

TradeLog Blog | Ferrum Token Analysis (FRM).


Info: CoinMarketCap

Capitalization: $1,264,875 USD

Price: $0.011358

The whole project on one page.

White paper.

Category: investments from 3 years with high potential.

What problems does technology solve?

The main goal is to make blockchains compatible via protocol Ferrumto reduce the departure of value from cryptocurrencies and simplify exchange transactions.

What will push the price up?

1. Staking, as one of the factors, will move the price up. Coins leave the market for a year of staking. Next Staking In 2 weeks.

2. Ease of sharing. It is possible to convert tokens into chains ERC20 (Etherium) and BEP2 (Binance Chain). Therefore, it will be possible to send tokens to Binance DEX.

3. The commission for the use of the token is burned forever.

Ferrum is trading after an ICO.

ICO prices:

$ 120,000 at $ 0.0114 (private - 10.52 million FRM + 40% bonus = 14.7 million)

$ 500,000 at a price of $ 0.0139 (private - 35.9 million FRM + 15% = 41.2)

$ 200,000 at a price of $ 0.016 (private - 12.5 million FRM)

$ 300,000 at $ 0.016 (publicly - 18.7 million FRM)

Total: 87 million tokens for $ 1,120,000 with an average price of $ 0.0145.

Now 1/3 coins are in circulation - 111 361 836 FRM.

What will push the price down?

1. It is still not very clear where the tokens came from, because the price is lower than the average ICO price, and the capitalization is higher than collected on the ICO.

Technical analysis.

TradeLog Blog | Ferrum Token Analysis (FRM).

There is a correction in the market. Presumably this is a C wave. Wait for the divergent bar to appear and a coup over 0 for the joint-stock company for a medium-term purchase.

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