April 25, 2024

Trade as usual, earn more – this is LOT.TRADE

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Trade as usual, earn more - this is LOT.TRADE

LOT. TRADE (LOT) is the gamification and popularization of crypto trading byholding regular tournaments, competitions and challenges, the purpose of which is to become the best trader in the world.Set up tournaments and win big prize pools.

The tournament participant is the userplatform LOT.TRADE, who has registered for the tournament, linked his LOT.TRADE account to his Binance account and made at least 1 trade on SPOT or Futures. Registration is absolutely free.

You don't risk anything because you don't have toprovide no access. The LOT.TRADE account is linked to your Binance account using the existing read API solution – thus, data security is guaranteed.

It is also important to note that absolutely everyonetournament participants receive prizes, and the winners are determined by the best ratio of profit to deposit during the tournament. You can participate in all tournaments at the same time, which significantly increases the amount of your reward.  

Right now, 3 tournaments are active at once, the total prize pool of which is 40,000 BUSD!

  • INFAM Cup 10000with a prize fund of 10,000 BUSD, which will last until February 28
  • February Cup 5000with a prize fund of 5000 BUSD, which will last until February 21
  • Year 2022 Cupwith a prize fund of 25,000 BUSD, which lasts almost the entire year – from February 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. 

In 2022, LOT.TRADE has more than 60 tournaments planned with a total prize pool of over 250,000 BUSD. Entry to tournaments is absolutely free.

Participating in tournaments is even easier with a tokenLOTT. This is a BEP-20 utility and governance token with a limited supply of 100,000,000 (100 million) units. Thanks to LOTT, the platform is managed, users are rewarded and their activity is encouraged. All LOT.TRADE participants who stake LOTTs form a LOTT steering committee, empowered to change the dynamic parameters of the LOTT protocol, as well as support or reject voting proposals. 

In addition to its own token, LOT.TRADE launched a collection of their own NFTs – wrapped NFT LOT.TRADE (wNFT). By purchasing them you receive LOTT tokens and partner tokens, access to closed tournaments, and also participate in staking rewards of up to 55% APY and distribution of platform income. 10% of the entire prize pool will be distributed among all wNFT owners. Now everyone has the opportunity to purchase wNFT at Public Round 1 with a 30% discount. When purchasing wNFT with LOTT token, there is an additional 10% discount.

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