September 19, 2021

Toyota will build a prototype robotic city of the future

Toyota will build a prototype robotic city of the future

Toyota plans to build on siteof its old factory, a prototype of the city of the future for 2000 residents, in which developers can test robotics, smart home and transport technologies, unmanned vehicles, artificial intelligence and innovative infrastructure designs, as well as other inventions in real conditions.

According to Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor,The proposed concept is planned to be implemented on a 71-hectare site in Higashi Fuji, Japan. Construction should begin in 2021 and will consist of several stages.

The idea is to create completelycontrolled settlement, where people live, work, have fun and participate in trials at the same time. Since the city will be built from scratch, the company plans to initially link the entire infrastructure together and use only renewable energy sources to power it.

In the settlement, all streets will be divided into three zones: for unmanned vehicles, for personal cars and for pedestrians. Although these routes will be separated by lines of trees, but all of them will eventually be woven into a single network, which is why the project was called "Woven City".

Toyota will build a prototype robotic city of the future

All buildings are planned to be made of wood, but withusing advanced robotic manufacturing methods. They will be grouped in blocks, in each of which there will be residential, work and entertainment buildings, and all industrial structures will be hidden underground, including a supply network consisting of robotic vehicles and autonomous loading and unloading systems.

At the same time, artificial intelligence and home robots will be introduced everywhere, helping in garbage collection, replenishing food supplies and other everyday tasks.

After completion of the settlementdevelopers will be able to move into it for a while and work right on the spot. At the same time, the population will consist not only of visiting researchers, but also of residents living there permanently.

Toyota will build a prototype robotic city of the future

At the end of his presentation, Akio Toyoda called on other corporations to implement similar projects in order to contribute to a better world.

Recall that in 2019, the UN demonstratedown model of the city of the future. In the spring, as part of a program to promote the development of human settlements, the concept of a self-sufficient floating settlement for 10 thousand people was introduced.