August 14, 2022

TOP 8 airdrops in July: free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens

TOP 8 airdrops in July: free distribution of cryptocurrency tokens

July came, which brought a new batch of cryptocurrency airdrops. Despite all the difficulties of the crypto industry, innovative projects are still created and share free coins with their users.


Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget is giving away up to $4,163 in bonuses for completing simple tasks. Rewards will be received by all newly registered users who fulfill the conditions of the bonus program.

To receive a bonus, you must:

  1. Go to the crypto exchange website;
  2. Complete a simple registration and provide contact information;
  3. Verify your account and get $3 trading bonuses.

To receive $4,160 trading bonus, you must make your first deposit, transfer funds to your futures account with USDT margin, and do not withdraw or transfer funds within 5 days.


  • Estimated payout: 0.01761
  • expiration date: July 8, 2022

The OwiDAO project will start working immediately afterlaunch, it is now considered one of the leading providers of web 3.0 gaming solutions. The startup aims to create an exciting and profitable gaming experience on networks including Solana and Terra.

Owl Games allows developers to integratecasino functions in their projects and support the main cryptocurrencies on the market, including BTC, ETH, BNB, Matic and others. In addition, the network promotes resilience by aligning incentives between users through the protocol itself.

Token holders can use the OWL tokenfor staking and other activities that grow as the token ecosystem expands. In addition, cross-chain functions connect the infrastructure and are used for transaction fees, which are used to achieve liquidity.

Participation conditions:

  • Fill out the cryptocurrency airdrop form on the official OwiDAO website.
  • Subscribe to the official Twitter and follow the news.
  • Like and retweet the airdrop post and tag at least 3 of your friends.
  • Join other OwiDAO supporters on Telegram.
  • Read the messages from the OwiDAO community on Discord.


  • Twitter account;
  • Telegram
  • Discord;
  • BSC wallet.

Rev3al (REV3AL)

  • Estimated payout: not indicated
  • expiration date: July 8, 2022

The digital media space is filled with plagiarism,copied and barely modified content that requires the intervention of blockchain technology. This is exactly what Rev3al is trying to achieve. By restoring authenticity and rewarding players for originality, the platform will protect consumers from fakes.

Rev3al will create a unified solution forcross-platform or offline media verification that will allow content creators to encrypt and secure their work using blockchain technology. In this way, creators protect and authenticate intellectual property outside the blockchain.

Using the REV3AL token, users canuse an anti-counterfeiting protocol, monetizing and preserving the value of their original works, making it easier to verify and own assets. This is a project that captures the minds of cybersecurity enthusiasts and copyright activists.

Participation conditions:

  • Fill out the Rev3al cryptocurrency airdrop form on the official website.
  • Follow the official Rev3al Twitter page.
  • Like and retweet the airdrop post and tag at least 3 of your friends.
  • Join the rest of the Rev3al members on Telegram.
  • Follow Rev3al on Instagram and Facebook.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • BSC wallet.

Banger (BANGER)

  • Estimated payout: $6.33
  • End date: July 6, 2022

The gaming finance revolution is just getting started, and newcomer to the scene, Banger Gaming offers a rewarding ecosystem that promises to surprise gamers, publishers, and creators with competitive games.

Banger is a platform that returnsgamers control. The system is simple: it rewards players for traditional and blockchain games, and allows publishers and developers to integrate their games into a blockchain-based solution.

With thousands of dollars worth of tokens in playBANGER winners will enjoy many different and dynamic opportunities to earn across multiple games. In addition, the networks come bundled with a collection of NFTs for increased rewards and great deals.

Participation conditions:

  • Fill out the BANGER cryptocurrency airdrop form on the official page.
  • Go to BANGER Twitter account and follow the official page.


  • Twitter
  • ETH wallet.

Fight of the Ages

Airdrop Fight Of The Ages has a prize pool of50,000 FOTA to be collected by 2000 lucky users and 200 lucky referrals. This airdrop ends on July 13th, the distribution of coins will begin on August 5th.

Fight Of The Ages (FOTA) is a game projecta metaverse that combines MOBA and RPG elements and uses Microsoft Mesh technology. NFT technology is optimized for FOTA so that users can experience the potential of owning valuable digital assets while traveling. DAO is more than just a MOBA gaming platform; according to the development team, it also has economic processes and democracy.

Participation conditions:

  • Launch the Fight Of The Ages airdrop Telegram bot.
  • Join FOTA on the channel and Telegram group. Follow @FightOfTheAges on Twitter.
  • Retweet a pinned post with the hashtag #FOTA #MicrosoftMesh #MR.
  • Follow FOTA CEO @Grey_1811.
  • Submit your BSC wallet address and details to the bot.

At the end of the campaign, participants will receive twenty FOTA tokens worth approximately $8. The first 200 referrals will receive an increased number of tokens. The total number of FOTAs on the airdrop is 50,000.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • BSC wallet.


OkayBadBoys lets you win one of 3000 OBBsNFT worth $120,000. The Solana Blockchain Collection contains 10,000 NFTs filled with hundreds of breathtaking visuals drawn by Akemi, a Japanese illustrator who loves manga and video games. Humans, aliens, green men and superboys are among the hand-drawn creations of OkayBadBoys.

Participation conditions:

  • Join OkayBadBoys on Discord and post your Solana wallet address with the hashtag OG-Whitelist-for-Free-NFT.
  • Follow @OkayBadBoys on Twitter.


  • Twitter
  • Discord;
  • Wallet Solana.


Cube is a level 1 blockchain withhigh-performance, scalable and modular architecture that supports multi-chain and cross-chain transactions. It is fully compatible with the EVM and Cosmos ecosystems. Cube is actively involved in the development of decentralized cross-chain protocols and Web 3.0 infrastructure to provide users with a new generation of multi-chain experiences.

Airdrop will be held until July 15, the total number of tokens will be 1,000,000 CUBE.

Participation conditions:

  • Launch the Cube Genesis Airdrop Telegram bot.
  • Join Cube on the channel and Telegram group.
  • Follow @Cube0x on Twitter and RT.
  • Join Cube on Discord (optional).
  • Send your Metamask wallet address to the bot and set CUBE to MetaMask. You will receive ten bets!

Share your referral link to earn more stakes. The more you get them, the more CUBE tokens you win. Your reward in CUBE = your bets/all bets*80000.


  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Discord;
  • MetaMask wallet.

Full fulfillment of the requirements of the projects will allow you to receive a certain amount of coins for free.


Multibank is a new digital asset exchangegeneration offering over 20 of the best coins and tokens including BTC, ETH, ADA and many more. The company will give away $20,000 to airdrop participants. The rewards will be distributed as follows: 400 participants will receive $10 and the top 6 referrals will receive up to $10,000 each.

To receive an award, you must:

  1. Go to the draw page;
  2. Register and send your personal data;
  3. Complete simple tasks to take part in the draw;
  4. Four hundred participants will be randomly selected and will receive $10.

Where is it more profitable to exchange cryptocurrency? TOP-5 exchanges

For a safe and convenient purchase of cryptocurrencies with a minimum commission, we have prepared a rating of the most reliable and popular cryptocurrency exchanges that support deposit and withdrawal of funds in rubles, hryvnias, dollars and euros.

The reliability of the site is primarily determined bytrading volume and number of users. By all key metrics, the largest crypto exchange in the world is Binance. The platform supports transfers in rubles from bank cards Visa / MasterCard and payment systems QIWI, Advcash, Payeer.

Especially for beginners, we have prepared a detailed guide: How to buy bitcoin on a crypto exchange for rubles?

Rating of cryptocurrency exchanges:

# Exchange: Website: Rating:
1 Binance (Editor's Choice) 9.7
2 Bitget 7.8
3 Huobi 7.2
4 AAX 6.9
5 Bybit 6.3

The criteria by which the rating is set in our rating of crypto-exchanges:

  • Work reliability - stability of access to all platform functions, including uninterrupted trading, deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as the period of work on the market and the daily trading volume.
  • Commissions - the size of the commission for trading operations within the site and the withdrawal of assets.
  • Additional features and services - futures, options, staking, NFT marketplace.
  • Feedback and support - we analyze user reviews and the quality of technical support.
  • Convenience of the interface - we evaluate the functionality and intuitiveness of the interface, possible errors and failures when working with the exchange.
  • final grade - the average number of points for all indicators, determines the place in the rating.