October 27, 2020

TOP 5 Women of the Cryptocurrency Industry [TRON / Tezos / Lightning Network / CoinShares]

#TRON #Tezos #CoinShares

Friends, we have launched a new section in which we will compile our TOP-lists from the sphere cryptocurrencies. And today we have prepared for you the Top 5 women of the cryptoindustry.

There is an opinion that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are businessexclusively masculine. And indeed, ask any professional 5 years ago - are there women in the cryptosphere, they would look at you like you are crazy. But today's world is changing. A study by Grayscale Investments in December 2019 showed that 43% of investors interested in bitcoin are women, and this figure is actively increasing every year.

We have selected the 5 most successful women from the crypto industry in our opinion. So let's go!