March 8, 2021

TOP 5 anonymous blockchain messengers with crypto-encryption

TOP 5 anonymous blockchain messengers with crypto-encryption

Don't want Whatsapp to tell the authorities what you chat about? editors prepared a selection of decentralized messengers that will keep your anonymity

The new year 2021 began with innovations.The popular worldwide messenger Whatsapp decided to change the user agreement by adding a clause on the mandatory collection and transmission of information to all applications and programs of the corporation. Users began to delete Whatsapp en masse and look for a replacement. We have collected the top 5 blockchain messengers that can easily replace Whatsapp.

Everything at a glance: new user agreement from Whatsapp

In early January, users of the popularof the Whatsapp messenger received a notification about the change in the user agreement. You must accept it to continue using the service.

While the developer company does not disclose alldetails of the new policy on the collection and processing of data, but it has already become known that the messenger will collect and transfer to other applications included in the Facebook corporation information about geolocation, information about installing and removing applications, activity in social networks and more.

Although the developers themselves do not see anything criminal in the new conditions of use, WhatsApp clients began to massively remove the messenger.

According to Business Insider, 6-10In January, the Signal messenger was downloaded about 7.5 million times, which is 4200% more than in the previous week. Telegram, Echo and others were also among the most popular alternatives to WhatsApp. So, let's see what instant messengers can really replace WhatsApp and keep your data completely safe.


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The most popular messenger developed byteam of Pavel Durov. The developers have repeatedly emphasized that the application has a high degree of protection and reliably preserves the correspondence and personal data of users from external intrusion. Despite not being blockchain-based, Telegram has become the number one messenger for users leaving Whatsapp.

Telegram is so well protected that eventhe Russian special services were unable to view the messages sent in the messenger. This fact became the reason for the accusations of Pavel Durov of complicity in terrorism, because such a safe application could be used by criminals to transfer information and ciphers. It is still unknown whether terrorists use Telegram, but ordinary users are happy to install this application for themselves.

Since 2018, Telegram began to implementcrypto-encryption technologies, which are presented in the messenger in the form of the Passport application. It is this algorithm that saves all user data on a secure blockchain platform, and the Telegram developers themselves have repeatedly stressed that they do not have access to the storage of user information.

Immediately after reporting a new userWhatsApp policy, Telegram downloads have skyrocketed. During the period from January 6 to January 10, the messenger was downloaded more than 9 million times, and in the USA Telegram became the second mobile application in terms of the number of downloads.

As of January 12, the number of users exceeded 500 million.


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Blockchain messenger Adamant - completelydecentralized and reliably protected from prying eyes. According to the developers, the messenger is not tied to either the user's mail or his phone number, and to use it, it does not even need to be registered. Just install and use it.

All messages are encrypted with algorithmsDiffie-Hellman Curve25519, Salsa20, Poly1305 and SHA-256 + Ed25519 EdDSA signed. In addition, the messenger allows you to link a crypto wallet in order to make fast transfers in cryptocurrency, as well as get anonymous access to exchangers.

If users want to usethe computer version of the messenger, then for this you will have to install the anonymous Tor browser, which allows you to maximize the confidentiality of data.

Y messenger

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Another blockchain messenger that hashigh degree of data protection. As the developers explain, messages go through 3 layers of encryption: encryption of communication via SSL, asymmetric encryption of data in the channel and optional end-to-end symmetric encryption of messages. This allows you to reliably transfer information from user to user or share data in groups and channels.

At the same time, the developers assure that they do not have access to servers and blockchain storage, and therefore will not be able to use the data or transfer it to third parties.

An important advantage of Y messenger isbuilt-in electronic signature and voting function, which allows you to use the messenger to transfer documents within the company, as well as conduct polls, assign roles in a chat or channel, select users from a list, and much more.


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e-Chat is a decentralized messenger,which can be used completely anonymously. The application is developed on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows users not only to exchange messages, send photos and video files, but also send cryptocurrency and exchange it.

Using e-Chat is completely free, butthe project has released its own token ECHT. In the future, the messenger should become a platform for a decentralized social network, where users can monetize their content. For example, members can earn cryptocurrency on their streams, and create paid blogs and video channels.


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Decentralized messenger STATUS with originalcode allows users to freely exchange information without worrying about data protection. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, it is reliably protected from hacker attacks, political surveillance and censorship.

Messenger allows how to create chats with oneparty and organize your channels and groups. In addition, the STATUS functionality allows you to effectively organize peer-to-peer messaging.

“Increased privacy withend-to-end encryption (e2ee) for all your private messages by default. No one but you and your intended recipient can view your messages - not even your status. ", - said on the project website.

Also, the functionality of the messenger allows you to create your own crypto wallet and quickly transfer cryptocurrency from user to user.

It looks like WhatsApp has some worthy competitors,which are not going to transfer data from users to third parties, and also offer a number of functions that are not available to users of the messenger from Facebook.

TOP 5 anonymous blockchain messengers with crypto-encryption