July 6, 2022

Tony Weiss: Litecoin - cheating and plagiarism

Tony Weiss: Litecoin - cheating and plagiarism

Well-known trader and analyst Tony Weiss recently called Litecoin a scam on his Twitter account.

Weiss also posted a screenshot that in a negative lightexposes the sixth largest cryptocurrency. The screenshot shows that while Bitcoin is a technical innovation, lightcoin is nothing but its plagiarism.

Tony Weiss: Litecoin - cheating and plagiarism

In addition, the analyst commented on the changes inmining protocol Litecoin with SHA256d to scrypt. According to him, the new protocol is much more prone to attacks, and also poorly compatible with consumer equipment. In addition, faster block mining is considered a problem, as it “inflates” the blockchain.

Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, answered analytics inon your twitter. According to him, over the past 8 years, the platform has completed transactions worth $ 500 billion, which demonstrates the viability of the project. In addition, he compared BTC and LTC with Pepsi and Coca-Cola, stating that if someone prefers one drink to another, he still cannot call the less preferred choice fraud. According to him, even if someone believes that BTC is superior to LTC, this does not make a dummy project out of lightcoin.

Recall that after a recent halving, the Litecoin hash network has fallen almost twice.

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