April 1, 2023

Tony Weiss confirms his forecast for Bitcoin to fall to $ 4,500

Following the next round of Bitcoin decline, cryptocurrency analyst Tone Vays recalled his Bitcoin forecast to fall to $ 4,500.

“Six months ago, at the Consensus eventIn 2019, we gave a forecast of the return of bitcoin to $ 4,500. Then the price of the first cryptocurrency was about the same as now, but the trend was bullish, now the trend is going down. And today I’m as confident as I was then in my forecast, ”wrote Tony Weiss on Twitter.

However, not everyone shares the analyst’s point of view. So, Ran NeuNer, host of the Crypto Trader program on CNBC, wrote:

"Calm down Tony, the price of bitcoin is not even close to $ 4,500."

To which Tony Weiss replied that time will tell and we must look after six months.

In the short term, the first coursecryptocurrencies may continue to decline and soon reach $ 6,000. However, the outlook for the long term is more positive - if you look at the monthly chart of bitcoin, the trend continues to be bullish, especially since a third halving of the miners' reward is expected in six months.

According to market analyst Valdrin Tahiri, it is the level of $ 6,000 that could be the maximum point of decline in the current correction.

Tony Weiss gave his forecast in June. Then he declared that the “cryptocurrency winter” had not ended yet.