December 5, 2022

Ton Weiss Expects Big Bitcoin Drop This Week

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Ton Weiss Expects Big Bitcoin Drop This Week

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Ton Weiss believes that bitcoin enthusiasts should prepare for the fall of the first cryptocurrency - this will be “the last powerful decline before rising.”

In his next video Tone Vays (Tone Vays)stated that technical analysis indicates a very likely fall of the first cryptocurrency. The BTC rate may well drop to $15,000. Of course, such a fall in Bitcoin will also affect the rates of other cryptocurrencies.

“I think surrender is quite possible already onnext week. The weekly candle looks terrible. Everything speaks for shorts. The MRI indicator on the monthly charts indicates a buy. However, on the weekly charts, he has been talking about selling for three weeks now. If bitcoin crashes to $14,000 or $15,000, that would be the perfect buy entry point,” the analyst said.

The trend reversal indicator (MRI) is enoughcomplex indicator of technical analysis. It is used by experienced traders and analysts, since the results of this indicator should be taken into account only in a comprehensive analysis of the market situation.

Recall that Ton Weiss reported on the continued fall of bitcoin back in July of this year.