February 9, 2023

TON turned source code

Without censorship and taxes: the creators of Telegram have begun public testing of the TON blockchain platform. Source code software appeared in openaccess. Kommersant FM spoke with specialists who reviewed the documentation. So far, the data is more likely to be interesting to developers, and it is not completely clear how the innovative platform from the Durov brothers will look like at a cost of $ 2 billion. But experts already call it revolutionary. What will she change? Understood Vladislav Viktorov.

</strong>Testing the blockchain platform from the creatorsTelegram has been conducted since May, however, in closed mode. Then Pavel Durov provided data on which it was impossible to draw concrete conclusions about the viability of the system. Now more information is available to developers: first of all, there is an instruction for creating special nodes - the so-called nodes. They will allow transactions, including to other countries, in minutes.

While this is the main function of the TON platform, explainsChairman of the expert council on blockchain technology of the fintech company DTI Algorithmic Alexander Butmanov. He had already tested the system and made sure that it was a breakthrough, although a simple user is still unlikely to be able to recognize it.

Alexander Butmanov, chairman of the expert council on blockchain technology of the fintech company DTI Algorithmic:

“What has been posted on the Network is the reference point. They show developers how transactions will be verified within the network. That is, it is only for those who will write some kind of industrial solutions or “process” the nodes themselves. So far, this is not very interesting for the retail consumer - it is rather a load test to determine the maximum system performance. It’s just a sign to the market: guys, we are here, we are close, we are ready, wait »

TON or Telegram Open Network is based ondistributed system principle. The media have repeatedly compared this network with DarkNet (“shadow Internet”), where the nodes are anonymous with encrypted IP addresses. In theory, TON can become an alternative to the Internet with all its capabilities. The core of the system will be the Telegram messenger - by the way, its monetization will begin, Durov promised, and the internal cryptocurrency Gram will revive the platform.

However, what TON will be in the end, they don’t even knowinvestors who have invested about $ 2 billion. If all this works by the end of October, we can talk about a revolution in the digital technology market, said Vladimir Smerkis, co-founder of the Tokenbox platform.

Vladimir Smerkis, co-founder of the Tokenbox platform:

“Telegram has over 200 million active usersall over the world. Not one cryptocurrency project can boast so many people through whom it can spread its new technologies. The new technology of the digital market leader will allow the whole market to move off the ground. The importance of TON is that it will not be necessary to have any intermediaries in the way of transferring funds - all this will be inside the platform. ”

It seems that the specialists of the crypto industry are delightedwaiting for a novelty. It is precisely on such unlimited trust in Pavel Durov’s project that the success of the entire system is built, says Leonid Delitsyn, an analyst with Finam Group of Companies. However, TON will clearly get out of the current system, where all monetary transactions are controlled by state regulators. The same US Treasury has long criticized Facebook for developing the Libra cryptocurrency. Although for Telegram to cope with the pressure of world authorities, it may be easier, notes

Leonid Delitsyn, Analyst, Finam Group of Companies:

“There may be a luck situation if MarkZuckerberg hears the request of US lawmakers not to open this payment system. The latter fear that cryptocurrency may shake the financial system. There are no concerns regarding Telegram, it still has an order of magnitude fewer users. Telegram will be able to start experimenting with these payments and occupy a certain niche. ”

Experts worry cryptocurrency developmenttoo fast, which provokes their complete prohibition. After all, no country has yet clearly decided how to handle electronic money. And optimists, meanwhile, are wondering how rapidly Telegram cryptocurrency will add to the price after its launch. Just how to get Gram currency for ordinary users is still unknown.

The test version of the TON blockchain platform shouldwas to appear in the public domain on September 1, but this did not happen. According to media reports, the delay was due to the fact that the developers underestimated the amount of work.

Original - Kommersant.

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