December 2, 2023

TON investors fully supported the project

TON investors fully supported the project

TON investors agree to wait for the launch of the project until April 30, 2020 and do not require the company to return the investment.

The majority of investors voted to postpone the launch date of the project to April 30 next year and refused toreturn of the invested funds until the dispute with the SEC is resolved.continue preparations for the February court hearing on the SEC's lawsuit for the illegal placement of Gram securities. 

Telegram has several possible scenarios:

  • pay the SEC penalty and start the project;
  • Do not pay the SEC, but return the money to American investors;
  • reform the project by making the changes required by the SEC;
  • return money to all investors and enter into a protracted lawsuit with the SEC;
  • not to pay the SEC and not to return funds to investors, citing "force majeure";
  • launch a project without American users and lose the  U.S. market.

So far, investors are ready to wait. However, among experts, the opinion has already been voiced that at the moment we are witnessing the beginning of a large-scale attack by regulators on cryptocurrency projects that pose a threat to the traditional financial system.