November 29, 2023

Tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg will talk about Libra in the US Congress

Tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg will speak about Libra in the US Congress

Mark Zuckerberg is not going to back down and will continue to defend the Libra project tomorrow at the hearings of the Committee onUS House of Representatives financial services.

Setting the stage for the upcoming conversation withregulator, Zuckerberg held meetings with members of the House of Representatives, gave a speech in defense of Libra at a World Bank meeting and gave more than one interview to journalists. The company spends a lot of effort, time and money on protecting its crypto project. However, politicians are increasingly warning about the potential danger of the Libra stablecoin for the global financial system. Of the 27 partners who were supposed to give the cryptocurrency legitimacy, only 21 remained. 

Mark is calm about this developmentevents, considering that the scale of the project was the reason for such global criticism from politicians and regulators around the world. However, he said, during private meetings, most of them express a positive attitude towards the project.

Zuckerberg is confident that  Libra will benefit not only Facebook, but also the global financial ecosystem.