May 28, 2023

Tokenomica adds support for the euro with a commission of 0.50% on withdrawals


Universal platform for issuing and trading Tokenomica has added Euro support for all users tokenized securities.

Deposits and withdrawals of euros are made by bank transfer through the SWIFT system. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 50 euros, with a withdrawal commission of 0.50%.

According to representatives of the platform, all fiat operations are carried out in full accordance with Maltese law.

“From the very first day, our mission has been to createdecentralized platform in a regulated environment. Launching the euro for all users is a gigantic step in this direction, as it provides an opportunity to reduce barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency market and allows you to withdraw euros to your bank account in full compliance with applicable law. ” - Tokenomica founder and CEO Artem Tolkachev said.

In February, Tokenomica plans to launch a custom reporting service that can be used to prepare tax reports.

Also this week, the Tokenomica platform is preparing a release of tokenized shares of the p2p loan exchange for small and medium-sized businesses Karma.

You can start trading in the BTC-euro pair now. You can ask your questions in the Tokenomica Telegram chat.