January 27, 2023

Today the World cryptocurrency mining summit began in Tbilisi

Today the World cryptocurrency mining summit began in Tbilisi

Today, the three-day World Cryptocurrency Mining Summit has begun in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. It will take attended by representatives of the 50 largest blockchain companies from around the world.

The summit's main speakers included the directorBitmain mining company Cihan Wu, director of the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform BitKan Fang Yu, director of the Cloud mining service Genesis Mining Marco Streng, director of the Bitcoin.com portal Roger Ver and head of the mining pool Antpool Lingchao Xu.

As part of the event, it is planned to discuss the most important topics in the cryptocurrency mining industry and answer the following questions:

  • Will the dominance of the proof-of-work consensus algorithm continue in the future or will it be replaced by more energy-efficient protocols?
  • What technological innovations will make the greatest contribution to the development of mining of digital assets and blockchain?
  • What strategy will allow market participants to get ahead of their competitors?
  • The war between the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash communitiesemphasized the importance of miners in the crypto industry. It is the coin miners who will determine the winner in the digital arms race, the blockchain, which will be able to attract the largest number of miners, will win leading positions in the cryptocurrency economy. At the Summit in Tbilisi, a roadmap for the future blockchain industry will be marked out, so the results of this event cannot be underestimated.