April 23, 2024

To combat money laundering, EC wants to disable anonymous crypto wallets

European Union of Investments with Money Laundering and Financingteppopism.


The EC plan, fitted in the kit, includes a number ofppedlozheny Po ucileniyu nadzopa za financovymi tpanzaktsiyami in tom chicle za cchot cozdaniya novogo opgana c ppimepno 250 cotpudnikami for nadzopa za podozpitelnymi financovymi uchpezhdeniyami and zappeta denezhnyx tpanzaktsy nA ACTUALLY bolee evpo 10,000 ($ 11,800).

According to newsletter EC, ECwill prohibit anonymous crypto wallets, and the European Commission has declared that such systems, like bitcoin, should be managed by the same

“We need to have different rules for the financial system. They should also apply to digital currencies, ”Meirid McGinness said at a press conference in the EC financial services booklet.

The package must be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, of course, this is a long process. The new EC anti-money laundering agency is expected to start operating in 2024.

“Money laundering presents itself with a clear anda real threat to citizens, democratic institutions and the financial system, McGinness said. “Today's package will significantly strengthen our measures to prevent the washing of dirty money through the financial system”.

It could take up to two years for the bill to be approved, Reuters reports.