June 6, 2023

Tim Draper sang a song about Bitcoin at Blockchain Week in Paris

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Tim Draper sang a song about Bitcoin at Blockchain Week in Paris

A well-known venture investor spoke at the Paris Blockchain Week '2023 (PWD). The speaker ended his speech entitled “Decentralization of Everything” with a song about bitcoins of his own composition.

Tim Draper during a performancenoted the distrust of centralized governments in crypto assets, especially in the first cryptocurrency. The investor emphasized that although the authorities are still afraid of cryptocurrencies, the latter will still inevitably transform the financial system.

“They undermined our confidence in the banking systemthe recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank… What a really strong leader would do would be to restore that trust. Trust the remaining banks!..,” the speaker reasoned.

Draper noted that blockchain, bitcoin and smart contracts represent significant events in the world and the governments of countries should accept them.

The investor concluded his speech by fulfilling the writtenthem a song about the world's first cryptocurrency (see video from 2.20). The lines of poetry dealt with anonymous bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakamoto, banks, governments, and the pursuit of a new world order. The song was applauded by the audience and participants in the discussion.

Tim Draper continues to claim that as early as 2023In 2019, the bitcoin rate will grow tenfold and reach $250,000. Even the collapse of FTX will not affect the achievement of the mark announced by the investor, the investor believes. Draper believes that the price of bitcoin could exceed $250,000 if women around the world start paying them for goods in stores.