Jul 3, 2022

Tim Draper: Bitcoin will provoke a revolution

Tim Draper: Bitcoin will provoke a revolution

Well-known Bitcoin investor and billionaire Tim Draper expects Bitcoin to revolutionize work governments around the world. According to him, they will have to adapt in order to maintain at least minimal control over digital currency.

In his interview, Tim called Bitcoin “currency.”startups ”and praised the technology that he uses. A venture investor believes that with bitcoin and distributed ledger technology, geographical boundaries do not matter.

He emphasized that through decentralization, peoplemay no longer be in the grip of "dictators and financial trolls." Thanks to digital currencies, decentralization has gained a higher global level. This will ultimately make the global financial community one.

Tim believes that financiers who oppose Bitcoin "cling to the power that they possessed in an outdated community."

He noted that the traditional banking system is dying, but political leaders are trying to support it by convincing everyone of its decentralization.

Tim also believes in the idea of ​​a global system.insurance more effective than the current option. In this new system, insurance policies will be filled out using smart contracts, tracked by artificial intelligence, and payments will be made to the MTC.