June 7, 2023

Ticket 3.0: Argentinean airline Flybondi launches NFT tickets

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Ticket 3.0: Argentinean airline Flybondi launches NFT tickets

The Argentinean low-cost airline Flybondi launched the Ticket 3.0 project (Ticket 3.0), within which it began issuing its tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

NFT ticketing technology on the blockchainAlgorand allows passengers to exchange, transfer or sell their tickets. This was made possible thanks to a blockchain-based solution developed by Travelx.

“With the launch of this project, we aim to providepositive impact on the aviation industry through innovation and the use of blockchain. Our goal is to evolve and offer our passengers the next level of freedom to fly,” said Flybondi CEO Mauricio Sana.

Flybondi said the NFT ticket "offers morea flexible travel experience that allows passengers to purchase tickets in advance without having to define their travel plans.” In turn, the airline can reduce customer service costs and increase its revenue from trading commissions.

Tickets can be paid for in USDC through a paymentBinance Pay service. In the future, the list of stablecoins will increase in order to expand the payment options of Flybondi customers. The airline hopes that NFT experiments will be successful and other companies will follow suit.

Flybondi announced its plans back in September2022. In May 2022, Dubai-based airline Emirates reported interest in collectible tokens and even started accepting bitcoin as payment. A few years ago, another company, Etihad Airways, began using blockchain to better manage data and transparently track baggage without the involvement of third-party operators.