April 23, 2024

Three Cryptocurrency Halvings to Expect in 2021

Three Cryptocurrency Halvings to Expect in 2021

Will the reward cuts planned for this year affect the prices of these three cryptocurrencies?

Halving isa process that reduces the issuance of tokens on the blockchain by 50%. Many crypto investors track these events, as halving often serves as a catalyst for price growth.

We present three cryptocurrency projects that are planning to "halve".

Verge (XGV)

The Verge (XVG) halving is scheduled for January 25 at block number4,700,000.The reward for the mined block will be reduced from 200 XVG to 100 XVG. 

Since November last year, the price of XVG has increased by 219%and despite the fact that there are only 10 days left before the halving and the opportunity to buy before the emission reduction will soon end, experts suggest that the price of XVG will continue to grow steadily in 2021.

Tomochain (TOMO)

Tomochain validator rewards will drop on February 7th. According to the plan, the TOMO halving will reduce the annual emission from 2 million to 1 million tokens.

The reward will be reduced from 250 TOMO to 125 TOMO.

Tomochain is a PoS blockchain launched in 2017 and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.The upcoming halving will be the second in the history of the project.

Vertcoin (VTC)

The Vertcoin (VTC) halving is scheduled for December 9.The miner reward will decrease from 25 to 12.5 VTC per block. 

Vertcoin is a fork of Litecoin (LTC), which in turn is a fork of Bitcoin.The main difference between Vertcoin and Litecoin is its resistance to ASICs and the ability to mine using video cards.

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