December 5, 2023

Thousands of people in Venezuela will survive the economic crisis thanks to Bitcoin

Thousands of People in Venezuela Will Survive the Economic Crisis Thanks to Bitcoin
Venezuela; cryptocurrency Bitcoin Petro

Venezuelans receive humanitarian aid from the organization"Bitcoin for Venezuela".The main cryptocurrency is becoming a tool to support thousands of residents, according to 

Bitcoin will help the hungry and poor of Venezuela

The non-profit organization Bitcoin for Venezuela (BFVI) supports thousands of hungry people in the country.So, according to the latest data, $230 in BTC (Bitcoin) will be fedfood for 1200 people. 

The list of products includes fruits and vegetables, eggs, pasta.Other essential goods. 

Bitcoin continues to be the most popular currency option for Venezuelans.Due to the imposition of US sanctions, residents of the country began to use BTC, Dash and other electronic currencies.At the same time, Venezuelans are not so strongly attached to the national cryptocurrency, El Petro.

  • In August of this year, the Venezuelan authorities launched a platform for money transfers from abroad in the state cryptocurrency Petro.At the same time, the government believes that this is the only way not to devalue profits.