May 24, 2022

Their actions add up to a single picture. "Snakes" in costumes and their new "toy".

Globalists have many "brilliant" ideas. And first of all, the launch in almost all countries of digital currencies based CBDC, those. one beneficiary.
The SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) system, which currently regulates cross-border transactions between banks, may become obsolete.
That's what you're discussing SWIFT - they won’t turn it off, they don’t give a damn about it.
Their actions add up to a single picture. "Snakes" in costumes and their new "toy".

What makes digital currencies truly revolutionary is amazing new functionality. Digital currencies can also be tailored for specific purposes. For example, in the Chinese pilot program expiration date of money is a few weeks because the authoritieshope to stimulate consumption in an economy trying to recover from the pandemic. Cash can be customized for other purposes. If the government is trying to stimulate the hospitality industry in a certain area, for example, it can program money to be used for food and drink, but not for, say, gas or power tools. If a hurricane devastates a coastal city, the government can immediately send relief payments to those affected, to be spent only on essentials.

Yes, we are still all shocked by your "brilliant" ideas.

Their actions add up to a single picture. "Snakes" in costumes and their new "toy".

Only a few days left: the Central Bank warned the Russians about the monetary reform - Rambler/Finance (

Nabiullina: digital ruble will replace cryptocurrencies for Russians.
“We will create a system based on accountingrecords. At the same time, the currency in user wallets can be recognized, since it will consist of separate distinguishable units - tokens. This will facilitate the emergence of new functions related to tracking cash flows or programmability of use”, she said.

For example, the current owner of the digital ruble will be able to spend the asset only for a specific type of productand the government to use this approach for targeted social transfers.

A list of these products has already been published to you, for example, tyts: The minimum set of non-food products for individual use for men of working age and men - pensioners in general in the Russian Federation / ConsultantPlus (

Their actions add up to a single picture. "Snakes" in costumes and their new "toy".

Bank of Russia: citizens will not be banned from owning cryptocurrency, but they will be fined for its use
According to her, the restriction involves a ban on the purchase of cryptocurrency using the Russian financial infrastructure, as well as payment for goods using tokens.

If you are still in doubt, then preparationpublic opinion has been going on for a long time: according to the zomboyaschik - advertising for reasonable consumption, there are a lot of articles on j.zen, for example: beloshveiki-iz-parija-618d06bb2d5fe804baa1b074

If you think that this only concerns us andglobal lockdown, GM faccination, QR codes for all countries, etc. I didn’t show you anything, then I sincerely envy your naivety. Who continues to sacredly believe in this performance, do not be distracted by the topic, please, continue to watch the zomboyaschik, they will tell you everything and explain everything there.

Digital currencies that matter. Get ready for Fedcoin and e-euro.
These “govcoins” are the new incarnation of money. They promise to improve the way finance works, as well as transferring power from individuals to the state, changing geopolitics and the way capital is distributed. They should be treated with optimism and humility.

Their actions add up to a single picture. "Snakes" in costumes and their new "toy".

I doubt very much that people will beg (as was the case with Shmurdyak) to switch to "govcoins" with a limited shelf life. What will they arrange? Yes, anything, from the implementation of the scenario shown in Die Hard to natural disasters, just to quickly transfer everyone to digital.
Conclusion:the supply chains of goods will be further disrupted, the prices of goods, and especially food, will skyrocket. For example, in Kentucky, an Amazon warehouse was completely destroyed. Our “caring” ones warn us:
“The damage from climate change will be widespread and sometimes unexpected”

"Concerns about cross-border capital flows"
The world's financial supply chains are just as important, but even less understood. Such a shock could be ahead."

As for the stock market, and here is the mainthe question is how much food will become more expensive and how quickly the “limited shelf life” function will be introduced. Most of the people will have to be helped, but a small part that still makes good money or has managed to save up will watch their savings depreciate, because they can only spend limitedly and what will they do? It is quite possible that they will still risk investing them in the stock market.