June 6, 2023

'The Wolf of Wall Street' filmmakers to release NFT collection

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'The Wolf of Wall Street' filmmakers to release NFT collection

Red Granite Pictures, which released The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, announced the launch of a collection of non-fungible tokens based on the film.

Each NFT will cost from $100, and its ownerswill receive privileges in the form of access to props, costumes and the film's soundtrack, as well as an invitation to theme parties. The creators explain the launch of the collection as a marketing ploy.

“It's also a way to protect intellectual property,” says Red Granite CFO Randy Hermann.

Profits from the sale of tokens are promised to be directed tocharity. In particular, the money will go to organizations that promote film restoration, support the development of young filmmakers, help women and minorities working on Wall Street and teach financial literacy.

Red Granite's goal is to create an incentive for people to watch the movie again by boosting streaming revenue, says Hermann.

Red Granite Pictures was founded in 2010.In addition to The Wolf of Wall Street, she has released such films as Dumb and Dumber 2, Dying Light, Hello Dad, New Year! In 2018, the company filed for bankruptcy following the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) sovereign wealth fund scandal.

The Smurf's Society recently releasedNFT collection based on the popular Smurfs animated series. It will feature both the already known Papa Smurf, Egghead and Smurfette, as well as new characters.

Earlier it became known that the underwear of the singerMadonna, in which the pop singer performed in the 1980s, will be sold as a collection of non-fungible tokens. Also in April, carmaker Bugatti and luxury goods company Asprey announced a limited edition NFT collection.