December 1, 2022

The United States approved a policy in the field of international crypto regulation

The US Treasury presented a document establishing the framework for interstate cooperation in areas of digital assets.

The US Department of the Treasury outlined the framework forinternational cooperation in the field of cryptocurrency regulation, according to the agency’s website. The decree, handed over to US President Joe Biden, establishes a framework for interagency cooperation with foreign counterparts and in interstate forums.

According to the US Department of the Treasury, the main goal of the interaction is to ensure that cryptocurrency activities are consistent with "America's core democratic values."

The agency has set goals for the program such asprotecting consumers in the US and around the world by promoting technologies and standards that reflect US values, and countering attempts by foreign adversaries to implement standards and promote their protocols.

The White House has been working on the statestrategy for cryptocurrencies. And in early March, the Biden administration called on cryptocurrency exchanges to provide assurances that Russian individuals and entities under sanctions could not use digital currencies to circumvent restrictions.