December 5, 2022

The Brewery Regulator is already taking control of the advertising cryptocurrency

The Specialized Brewery Regulator The Advisory Standards Committee (ASA) is already overseeing the control of the commercialized cryptocurrency, planning to introduce new standards and prevent the appearance of misleading ads.

The head of the supervisory authority announced that he plans to "conduct proactive monitoring and control over the crypto-clam, and also to provide" in the near future.

"We consider the need for further measures in addition to the current observations of the public authors promoting the cryptocurrency,"

A little more than a month ago, ASA commissioned the cryptocurrency exchange Luno to make updates to the advertising announcements in the London metro and the cars that used to make the machines

First about these measures in the communication of the newspaper FinancialTimes, which is cited by the head of the ASA Complaints and Investigation Department, Mail Lockwood. He declared that the regulator had given the cryptocurrency the priority of the "red level of danger":

Cryptocurrency advertising is our keypriority. WE WILL ocoznaom vazhnoct poli, kotopuyu igpaem in nactoyaschee On Time in pegulipovanii peklamy, gapantipuya chto peklamodateli ne vvodyat potpebiteley in zabluzhdenie otnocitelno pickov, cvyazannyx c ppoduktom and necut otvetctvennoct za ego ppodvizhenie.

“In recent years, a significant post has been observedcryptocurrencies, however, there is a real danger that people might be attracted to investing in

The official also added that there is a clear division between the advertisement of legal investments in cryptocurrency and the advertisement that is considered to be a scam. "