December 2, 2020

The state of Nyoming has approved the operation of the second cryptobank

The Finnish company Avanti announced that they received an approval for the activity of a cryptocurrency bank in Bayoming.

First o the proposal was announced in February, the current bankReceived an endorsement from the Banking Council of the State of Nyoming, which unanimously voted for the company's banker company (as of the date of

The bank plans to offer several services,connected with the cryptocurrency, including the operation with a stablecoin with attachment to the US dollar (AVIT), a variety of services and online banking. In 2021, it is planned to provide short-term bills.

Token will be the main focus of AvantiAVIT, which is positioning itself as a "stablecoin-reformer", which solves legal, accounting and tax problems. The company plans to launch AVIT on Ethereum, on the base of the liquid bitcoin, and later on other blockchains.

The founder of the company, Keitlin Long, explained thatAvanti intends to combine "traditional and digital financial asset systems", offering services that do not currently exist in other countries. She added that at the present time only the specialized displays, located in the Naming machine, can carry out in the USA the operations of converting the counter to the counter

Pañe kryptobyrzha Kraken also received the corresponding bank license. In addition, some cryptographic companies provide similar Avanti services, not working in the quality of the bank.

Coinbase Custodу and Bakkt offer cryptocurrency storage services, while JPMorgan and Stronghold offer regulator-compliant stablecoins.

However, Avanti's successes show that the traditional financial sector is increasingly interested in cryptocurrency and digital assets.