July 6, 2022

The state of Decenturion will hold the first democratic vote on the blockchain in Moscow

The state of Decenturion will hold the first democratic vote on the blockchain in Moscow

The II Russian Congress of Decenturion Citizens will be held on September 13 at Crocus City Hall. He will be visited by 3500 adherents of blockchain technology wishing to become part of a decentralized autonomous society. This event is one of the largest international blockchain conferences in Russia.

The II Congress will begin early in the morning and will last untillate evening. Throughout the day, citizens of Decenturion will be able to pick up passports and take part in the free distribution of startup tokens. During the program part of the event, the expert council will identify the basic principles of the state economy, the Ministry of Industry of Decenturion will hold an exhibition of companies working on blockchain technology, experts will talk about the strategy of cohesive development of society, about value investing, and about the importance of decentralization in the free world.

The participants of the Congress are blockchain users, crypto investors, media representatives, founders of blockchain startups and technological experts. Among the speakers of the congress is BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee blockchain consultant to the government and parliament of Europe Helen Disney High Commissioner of the EEA Kochofa Anicet Gabriel, Founder, Trump Capital, Chairman, China Blockchain Alliance Dang fages and crypto billionaire, chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock Pierce.

Decenturion has its own acceleratorblockchain startups. The Decenturion Accelerator program is not "classic" and does not offer direct investment. Decenturion collects an active blockchain community (most of which are investors), thanks to which entrepreneurs can finance promising startups.

A few weeks before the congress acceleratorDecenturion accepted more than 320 applications from startups to participate in the congress program. 40 selected projects will attend on the eve of the Congress a meeting of the Board of Investors and Experts for further "selection". The top 10 startups will become speakers of the Congress and will receive five minutes of pitch each on the main stage, and the remaining 30 will take part in the exhibition of startups at the event. At the end of the day, the expert council will determine the three most popular projects that will go on an investment tour to Malaysia and Singapore.

The culmination of the Congress program will be the first democratic vote of citizens in the history of Decenturion.

History of Decenturion

The First Russian Congress of Decenturion CitizensHeld in Moscow on July 5, 2018. During the event, 11,000 people received passports of citizens of Decenturion and took part in the educational program of the Ministry of Information. The congress was attended by ambassadors of different countries, entrepreneurs, investors, the press and leaders of the Russian blockchain community.

How to become a citizen of Decenturion

In order to become a citizen of Decenturion,You must complete the registration procedure and activate citizenship on decenturion.com. A citizen receives a personal page in the general structure of the state and a guide to participate in his economic activity.

Information about the state of Decenturion

Decenturion - the world's first decentralizeda state in which the economy, management and communications are built on blockchain technology. This is one of the best Consensus 2018 projects by Entrepreneur..

In Decenturion, a citizen isthe main value of the state, and its well-being is the main goal of the state. In Decenturion, citizens do not pay taxes. Decenturion transfers its assets to citizens in the form of startup tokens entering the blockchain state market for free.

Legal relationship between a citizen andThe state of Decenturion is regulated using a smart contract, which is available at the link - https://etherscan.io/address/0x001575786dfa7b9d9d1324ec308785738f80a951.